The Olympia Kogyo Co., Ltd. offers the duct type high temperature (gas) air generator which we newly developed, based on our research and the latest technology.

Safety Design

  • No possibility of a back fire due to adoption of the pre-mixing gas combustion method.
  • Safety mechanisms have been designed based on The Technology Requirements for Gas Combustion and Safety of The Japan Gas Association.

Space-saving and Easy Maintenance

  • The combustion blower, and gas piping, etc. are installed on the upper part of the main body, allowing for space-saving.
  • A window to observe the combustion conditions and a inspection door has been installed, the latter of hinged type, enabling easy inspection and maintenance of the equipment.

Stable Operation and Temperature Control

  • The burner possesses a particular construction that is excellent in the stability of combustion.
  • The proportional control method has been adopted for the adjustment of gas combustion, and proper temperature controls are readily available (On-Off and Full-Half-Off or Full- Partial-Off control modes are also available)
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